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MBR takes great pride in managing these historical apartment buildings.  Each building was renovated consistent with the most stringent building code requirements, while preserving the look and feel of the original structures dating back to the turn of the 20th century.  The buildings were renovated using locally sourced brink, mortar, and limestone to match the original building materials.  The buildings now possess their original character and are equipped with energy efficient appliances and windows and technologically advanced life, health, and protection systems.  MBR values the preservation and maintenance of these historic buildings, because they are a key part of local history representing some of the original PanHellenic Greek houses constructed around the time the University of Colorado was founded in 1876.  We are proud to offer apartments that are part of a unique living history.

Aspen House

1135 11th Street

The Aspen House was originally built in 1904. This building had long served as a fraternity house at the University of Colorado. Between 1913-1916, the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity resided at the Aspen House and in 1918 the Delta Tau Delta Fraternity transitioned into the building.  In 1963, a man named Herbie and his brother owned this building along with the infamous local restaurant “The Sink.”  In 1990, the Alpha Eta Theta XI Fraternity resided here. The Aspen House has been through many transformations through the years, including remodels, additions and restructuring, bringing it through to the beautiful apartment building it is today

Cedar House

1004 14th Street

The Cedar House was originally built in 1904. The building has been associated with the growth and development of the University Hill neighborhood, representing early boarding houses in the area. In 1908, the Cedar House was a boarding house run by Reverend William P.S. Cattell and his wife Effie M. Cattell who were both affiliated with the Friends Church at 1710 Grove Street in Boulder. The Cattell’s had seven boarders living at the Cedar House in 1908.  In 1910, it was the home of James M. and Mary C. Haley.  James Haley was born in 1846 in Missouri and was a fruit farmer.  Mary Haley was born in 1845 in Illinois. The Cedar House has been through many transformations throughout the years including remodels, additions and restructuring bringing it through to the beautiful building it is today.

Maple House

1064 13th Street

The Maple House was originally constructed in 1907. In 1913, the Maple House was the home of Alexander M. Beresford and his wife, Frances C. Beresford. Beresford was a lawyer with offices at 1243 Pearl Street. Also living at the Maple House were Elizabeth, Howard, Ester, Paul and Robert Beresford. The building underwent major remodeling in 1962. In 2014, the Maple House was completely rebuilt into eight luxury apartments.

Oak House

1107 12th Street

The Oak House is a building that is rich in history. Maurice E. Dunham, professor of Latin and mathematics at the University of Colorado, built The Oak House in 1895. The Oak House is historically significant because it was one of the first buildings to be constructed on University Hill. The Oak House was later purchased by Kate W. Poley and used as a family residence for several years. In 1910, the building was first used as a fraternity house. In 1913, Theta Psi fraternity resided at the Oak House and in 1948 the Zeta Tau Alpha resided there. Over the years, the building has undergone numerous renovations through to it becoming one of the most luxurious apartment buildings in Boulder.

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